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Big Up Studios is a partnership between Philippe Heron, French, toys and entertainment industry veteran having accumulated 30 years of experience, and 15-year-long engine developer Belgian expert, Julien Ramakers.
The combination of respective and totally complementing expertise brings a fresh and exciting opportunity to address today’s kids’ entertainment challenges: develop in a timely manner and deliver high-quality content at a competitive production cost.

Philippe and Julien share the same analysis about the obvious applications and opportunities in real time animated content available through Epic’s Unreal engine.

Big Up Studios is a team of professional and passionate artists and business oriented leadership in perpetual search for improvement and perfection.
We make a point of providing very high quality props, textures and materials.
Recently founded, Big Up Studios has already had the opportunity to collaborate with several initial customers (toy companies and IP owners) by using the Unreal Engine tool.

The areas in which we have decided to specialize are real time animated content, video games and outsourcing of props, materials and textures in addition to sourcing and managing IPs with partners.

Our work

We provide high-end textures with a very high level of detail to meet the demands of the most demanding 3D artists.
All our textures are optimized for real time while also being usable in pre-calculated time.

The areas of activity for which our services are most often requested are entertainment (animated series and films), video games and to some extent heritage protection.
We have recognized expertise in video games development and photogrammetry.

The quality of our work has been confirmed by former members, now working at Epic Games, who have been working at well-known studios like Weta Digital (Avengers, Game of Thrones, Annabelle, Rampage, etc), or Industrial Light & Magic (Star Wars, Spiderman, etc).

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Now at Mipcom in Cannes after a very exciting BLE in London.


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"Is there such a thing as ‘too soon’ for toys?"

Big Up Studios TVC

New TVC coming up!

Big Up Studios creates real time content and provides high quality rendering! Watch out for an exciting TVC coming up!